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Private Group Events

Discover community with Clay and Sip events!

We are excited to open our beautiful gazebo and yard for Clay and Sip private group events! As a special treat for our faithful followers, we are offering this at an introductory price of $35 per person. This is a considerable savings compared to other Clay and Sip events, and we're happy to provide this discount because of the difference in planning and costs involved.

What's included?

Schedule your event!


What's included?

  • You'll have access to our beautiful gazebo and entire yard for two hours—additional time negotiable.

  • We can provide cups and water upon request, and you are welcome to bring beverages and refreshments of your choice.

  • We'll guide you through fun and creative clay activities.

  • You'll have access to restroom facilities.


Schedule your event!

To schedule a day or evening event for you and your family or friends, simply contact us. We love to host and are happy to accommodate any event needs, even those not involving clay.

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