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Got Habits?

Updated: May 21

I'm just gonna be honest, starting and running a small business is a LOT OF WORK!!

It's not ever just about how much money you're going to make in a day....and it isn't even just about how much money you will ever take home. It is about making a million little decisions---sometimes at 'warp' speed every day.

As I look back on the past couple months of transitions, I realize that habits or rituals are meant to serve you and not enslave you. I'm kind of mourning the loss of my "freedom" while at the same time, celebrating the amazing opportunities I have had to grow friendships and relationships with all the beautiful people in my community at the Craft District Market.

I'm trading having a regular work out time for regular gnome making time!

I'm trading the regular time of gathering for coffee with friends for sculpting, glazing, and firing clay products to sell. BTW--miss my buddies....but they love me and understand.

I'm trading spending time reading a book with listening to a book as I run errands. (Thanks, sweet Elanor for introducing me to the library app!!!)

I'm trading housework chores for the time to give myself permission to stop, and really listen to the words and hearts of all the special people I meet in a day.

I love the new habit of being in the community. The connections I make may not give me a workout on the treadmill but they definitly grow my heart. There's just something beautiful about being my authentic self with others, and seeing someone smile, or relax because they've experienced a connection. (I'm defining connection as the moment a person feels seen, heard and valued) Who wouldn't want that?!

I think the last habit I need to trade is watching HGTV at night to help me fall asleep for... journaling all the sweet stories and smiles I am blessed with in this new pottery business.

Is it a LOT OF WORK? Yep... but IT IS WORTH IT!!!

I love my NEW habits.

See you around,



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