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A Drawing of Joy

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

It's been over a week now that as the lead teacher in a Children's Church program that I had the privilege of seeing the power of art. The lesson for the day: Choose Joy even when your day is a mess. And actually at the time, if I am honest, it was proving difficult for me personally.

I was feeling very insecure every time I saw an additional family or child come in the classroom. We ended up with 10 kids, ranging in age from 4-13. Yikes.

We had a variety of options of activities, but making the powerful choice of how, what, when, get the idea. Add to this, that I can be a bit of a control freak, and it can quickly be a dark place for me to live....but I digress. Because in the middle of my fears, We set out tables covered in paper, and put bags of drawing options to choose from, Then put kids in similar age groups together, and then.......wait for it.....gave the prompt....

....Draw a picture of what JOY LOOKS LIKE TO YOU.

I gave the class about five minutes (or more). As I walked around observing the ten interpretations, my heart melted. One by one I gave everyone the opportunity to tell their story, and they were all BEAUTIFUL stories.

In my fears and insecurities, I related the most to Dragen's drawing. I believe he is 5 years old. A quiet, observing old soul, in a child's body. I still can't hardly believe how with a few lines, he could capture the truest meaning of what joy looks like.

My biggest take-a-way, to remember to choose JOY, no matter what is going on around a child.

Thanks for reading and sharing,


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